Why Are We Here?

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              It wasn’t until I decided to take part in a fundraising competition for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society back in 2016 that I truly understood the generosity of successful people.  This was a months-long campaign that involved my team and I requesting help and donations from people around town.  We coordinated about a dozen events to be held during a 10-week period.  In the preparation time leading up to those ten weeks, I began to notice that when I requested support from my friends and acquaintances, their responses were largely “yes I’ll do that…and I’ll also do this!”.  People were finding ways to go above and beyond what was requested of them.  It made me realize that there are people in this world that go out of their way to find ways to help those in need, and even support those that are trying to help those in need.

              This was such an eye-opener for me.  As I took time to reflect on the results of my fundraising campaign, it occurred to me that I want to be one of those people that has the ability to go above and beyond when asked to provide help.  To make donations. To be of support.  I want to say “yes I’ll do that…and also this!” And think of my own additional ways to make the outcome even better. 

              So why are we here?  Well, I’ve long believed that making the lives of those less fortunate easier and better is one of our hugest personal responsibilities here on earth.   But it wasn’t until after this campaign that I realized the missing piece in order to best do that.  To be able to help people best, you need to have freedom of your time and freedom of your money.  Sure there are plenty of ways to help people that do not require money, but realistically you can do the most good if you have an excess to give… of time and money. 

              This quickly became my “why”.  The reason why I work daily towards financial freedom.  Why I make sacrifices to one day not need to worry about if I have enough money to help someone that needs help.  Noticing that the people who were most generous were those that had succeeded greatly in their fields and now were searching out ways to give back, makes me want to be one of those people.  Building wealth is virtuous.  It is infinitely more difficult to benefit those around you when you haven’t first gotten your finances and goals in order.  It is not selfish to plan and work for your financial freedom, as that will someday give you the ability to bless others with your generosity.  That’s why we are here.